The Weather Channel is always wrong

Yes, that is a radar of the Lafayette, Indiana area.  Notice the lack of rain.  The Weather Channel has been saying for the last 2 days that it will storm severely all day from Thursday (yesterday) through Monday.  Guess what!  It hasn’t stormed once.  Know what else, if it stormed, I wouldn’t have lacrosse practice tonight.  So now guess what else!  I’m going to have practice and the damn Weather Channel has gotten my hopes all up for not having practice on a perfectly good Friday night, a night before a home football game, and it won’t even storm.

I’m tired of The Weather Channel playing with my emotions.  Someone needs to put a stop to this.  They always tempt me with wonderful weather forecasts of storms when I want them, or cooler temperatures when I have to walk all over campus for on of my 7-hours-of-class days.  But does it ever work out they way they say?  No; of course not.

Everyone at The Weather Channel should be fired for doing a horrible job.  Perhaps, whoever owns that channel should consider hiring a monkey who throws his poo at a map.  Wherever his poo sticks to the map, thats where it will rain.  I swear it has to be just as accurate as what they do now, only way more entertaining.



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One response to “The Weather Channel is always wrong

  1. kellybellyfullofjelly

    ooh, I think it’s funny when monkeys throw poo, but I think it’s hilarious when monkeys throw dung

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